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The city of Rio de Janeiro is known worldwide for the kindness and cleverness of its people, but also for its unique touristic attractions. The city, enclosed by the mountains and the sea, provides memorable landmarks like Christ the Redeemer, who was voted one of The New 7 Wonders of the World by receiving over 100 million votes online. The picture of its open arms on the peak of Corcovado Mountain is one of the most popular landmarks in the world. The fascinating landscape of the Sugarloaf Mountain, which allows you a 360º view of the city, even of its most remote points, is 400 meters high and lets you take a ride in the most famous cable car in the world. What else can we tell you about Copacabana Beach
, the most popular beach of all, and its emblematic sidewalk? Its neighbor, Ipanema Beach, is an eternal Bossa Nova symbol thanks to the song Girl of Ipanema, by Antônio Carlos (Tom) Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes. Who has never listened to “Tall and tan and young and lovely/The girl from Ipanema goes walking/And when she passes, each one she passes/Goes ‘A-a-a-h'”? Not only natural beauty is responsible for the fame of “Cidade Maravilhosa”, our marvelous city of Rio de Janeiro. A lot of work and dedication made Maracanã the world’s biggest stadium, which was the stage of memorable matches that featured soccer artists like Pelé and Garrincha. It’s the true home of both Brazilian and world soccer. And what about Lapa Arches, one of the most famous and beloved constructions of the city, a path to the popular cable car of Santa Teresa.

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Copacabana Beach Ipanema Beach Sugarloaf Mountain Maracanã Stadium Christ the Redeemer Lapa Arches

… and so many issues.

Here you will learn what you should avoid in the city that, sometimes, is not so Marvelous

Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya in Rio

How to keep yourself safe and what to do

The three diseases are caused by a virus transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti, and are of concern both among tourists travelling within the country and locals. See our guide on how to keep yourself safe and what to do if you suspect you have contracted Zika, Dengue Fever or Chikungunya.

Violence in Rio

What visitors should know

Violence in Rio de Janeiro is an issue that concerns both residents and visitors. Rio has a sad history of cases that give it the reputation of a violent city. Although the tourism circuit is generally safe, it’s important that you know how the locals deal with violence and crime themselves.

Water in Rio de Janeiro

Low water quality and shortages

Water provision in Rio de Janeiro is a serious problem, both with respect to low quality for consumption and the shortage during hot months and drought seasons. See where to find clean drinking water and how to deal with beaches and flooding, and learn how locals handle water issues day-to-day.

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See our tips and advices for a safer and more enjoyable trip!

Here we share with you our understanding on how this wonderful, crazy and beautiful city works, and how we deal with it every day as Cariocas (natives of Rio)

Scams Against Tourists in Rio de Janeiro

How to be a tourist in Rio without becoming a victim

Tourist scams in Rio de Janeiro aren’t much different from those happening in other cities around the world. However, some peculiarities are striking, and unfortunately not addressed in the general media.

Rio’s charm and seduction are often misused by bad locals who want to take advantage of the kindness of tourists, always adopting a far-fetched intimacy when approaching them.

The tips and reflections to follow are provided by our staff, who have personally experienced many of the situations described, as a result of finding themselves in potentially dangerous situations only for their desire to help someone, or simply for being a little naive regarding everyday life situations in Rio. This scam guide aims at sparing you stress, as well as serving as a warning about potentially harmful situations. We don’t want to frighten you. This text summarizes almost all the parental advice given by careful local parents to their sons and daughters.

Guide to Public Transportation in Rio

How to use public transport in Rio without getting lost

If you are aware of travel fares, opening hours and what is not said about public transport in Rio, you can visit more tourist hotspots and spend less time and less money, with increased comfort and safety.

Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

A carnival of dreams in the “Marvelous City”

The carnival in Rio is one of the liveliest festivals in the world. Millions of tourists delight themselves every year with the joy of the blocks, the luxury of the samba schools’ parades and other irresistible attractions.

Olympic Games in Rio 2016

Olympic Games: venues, precautions, cultural agenda and more

Olympic Games: venues, precautions, cultural agenda and more
Rio de Janeiro will host the biggest sporting event on earth in 2016. From August 5th to 28th, the city will hold the Olympic Games. It’s the first time that the event, created in 1896 by the French Baron Pierre de Coubertin, will be held in South America, after taking place in locations in North America, Asia, Europe and Australia in the last 120 years.

In this guide, you will find information and tips on the Rio 2016 Olympics. How to get to the venues, precautions to take, cultural agenda and sources of official information.

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